Most Common Carrot Pests & Diseases

You want to know how to deal with carrot pests and diseases in your garden?

Stick with me since I will show you easy ways how to get rid of carrot plant diseases and pests in the following chapters!

Carrot Pests

PestHow to control it
Carrot fliesCarrot rust flies are quite common when growing carrots in your garden. You can get rid of rust flies by installing vertical fences that keep them away or by spraying your plants with need oil.
WeevilsWeevils can do lots of damage to the roots of carrot plants. Hence, make sure to control weevils by using neem oil or insecticidal soap.
WirewormsWireworms may also try to feed on carrots. You can deter wireworms by attracting natural predators like nematodes to your garden or by treating the soil with sodium bicarbonate.
ArmywormsSimilar to wireworms, armyworms are also quite hungry intruders. You can get rid of armyworms by just using insecticides which you can get in the garden center.
Parsley wormsYou can get rid of parsley worms by just spraying chemical insecticides onto carrot plants. Alternatively, you can also try keeping parsley worms away using neem oil or stinging nettle liquid.
Snails and slugsSnails may also try to feed on carrot plants. Make sure to get some information on how to get rid of snails and slugs.
Loopers & CaterpillarsLoopers are quite common intruders when growing carrots. Thus, make sure to inform yourself about how to control loopers and caterpillars in your garden.
BugsThere are many different kinds of bugs that may try to feed on carrot plants. You can keep those bugs away by using insecticidal soap from the garden center.
LeafminersLeafminers can greatly lower carrot yields. Hence, make sure to get rid of leafminers by spraying pesticides onto the leaves of carrot plants to control leafminer larvae as early as possible.
LeafhoppersYou may also have problems with leafhoppers when you grow carrots in your garden. You can control leafhoppers by using insecticidal soap.
NematodesNematodes are quite common garden pests. You can get rid of nematodes on carrot plants by using triazicide pesticides.

Carrot Diseases

DiseaseHow to control it
RustRust is quite common on carrot plants. Thus, make sure to get advice on how to get rid of plant rust.
MoldMost can destroy your entire carrot yield. Hence, make sure to get information on how to get rid of plant mold.
Black rotBlack rot can lead to the decay of carrot plants. You can use a combination of fungicides and pesticides to control black rot as best as possible.
BlightBlight may adversely affect the growth of carrot plants. Hence, make sure to get additional information on how to control bacterial blight.
Leaf spotLeaf spot is another common disease of carrot plants. Thus, make sure to inform yourself on how to get rid of leaf spot on your plants.
Cavity spotCavity spot may also occur on carrots. Make sure to fertilize the soil as best as possible and that you provide optimal growing conditions to minimize the risk of cavity spot on carrots.
Root diebackYou can avoid root dieback and rot by watering carrot plants less often and by making sure that water is able to run off properly.
Aster yellowsEven though it is rather rare, aster yellows may also become a problem when growing carrots. There is no effective treatment against aster yellows and you should just get rid of infested plants as soon as possible.
Common scabTo control common stab, make sure to adjust your watering behavior so that the soil is not excessively wet for an extended period of time.
Heat cankerHeat canker can be avoided by placing your carrot plants in a shady spot once temperatures outdoors get too hot.
Fusarium rotFusarium rot can destroy carrot yields. Yet, there is no proper treatment for it and you should just get rid of infested plants as soon as possible to avoid the spread of fusarium rot in your garden.

Carrot Diseases & Pests – Summary List

WirewormCavity spot
Parsley wormRoot dieback
ArmywormBlack rot
Carrot flyFusarium rot
SlugsLeaf spot
NematodeBacterial blight
LeafminerCommon scab
BugsAster yellows
LeafhopperHeat canker

How to deal with Carrot Pests & Diseases?

As you can see, there are many easy but yet effective ways to get rid of all kinds of carrot pests and diseases.

If you want to learn more about growing carrots in general, make sure to also have a look at my carrot growing guide and my growing carrots FAQ section.


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