Good & Bad Petunia Companion Plants

You want to know what to grow with petunias?

Stick with me since I will show you the best and worst petunia companion plants in the following chapters.

Why do I need Companion Plants to grow Petunias?

Growing petunia with the right companion plants can be great since you can protect your petunias from pests and can also enhance the growth behavior of your plants.

Moreover, good companion plants can also provide shade and can prevent the soil of your petunias from drying up.

Good Petunia Companion Plants

Companion PlantWhy is it good?
LantanaWorks well with the visual appearance of petunias.
SalviaAttracts pollinators.
SnapdragonSimilar soil requirements like petunias and good visual mix.
DaisiesSimilar water and soil requirements as petunias.
AsparagusKeeps away pests from petunia plants.
CandytuftSimilar water and soil requirements as petunias.
AstersSimilar soil conditions and nice visual mix.
GrapesAttract pollinators and keep away pests.
CucumbersKeep away pests and make your gardening project more productive.
TomatoesReduce the risk of aphid infestation of petunias.
ChilisDeter pests.
PeasGood visual mix and relief for peas regarding aphid infestation.
BeansGood visual mix and relief for peas regarding aphid infestation.
LobeliaNice appearance and similar soil conditions.

Bad Petunia Companion Plants

Companion PlantWhy is it bad?
CactusCacti require far less water than petunias.
SunflowersTake away too much sun from petunia plants.
SqashTake away too many nutrients.
ZucchiniDifferent soil requirements than petunia.
CornTake away too much sun from petunia plants.

Best & Worst Petunia Companion Plants – Summary List

Best Companion PlantsWorst Companion Plants

What should you grow with Petunia?

You should grow petunia with asters, daisies, lobelia, snapdragon, asparagus, tomatoes, cucumbers, lantana, candytuft, grapes, chilis, beans, peas and salvia.

Never grow petunia with squash, corn, zucchini, cacti or sunflowers

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