Good & Bad Mustard Green Companion Plants

You plan to grow mustard greens in your garden but are not entirely sure which plants you should grow with them? Great!

Then this article is exactly for you since I show you the best and worst companion plants for your mustard greens in the following chapters.

Why do I need Companion Plants for Growing Mustard Greens?

Companion plants can have many helpful effects on your mustard greens.

They can keep away pests, loosen the soil, keep it moist and attract pollinators and other useful insects.

In turn, your mustard greens will be able to grow much better if you use the right companion plants to grow next to them.

However, while good companion plants can have tremendously positive effects on the growth behavior of your mustard greens, there are also some plants you should never grow near your mustard plants.

Thus, make sure to check out the tables below so that you know exactly which plants will be beneficial for your mustard greens and which ones you should avoid at all costs.

Good Mustard Greens Companion Plants

Companion PlantWhy is it good?
TansyKeeps away bugs.
MintKeeps away moths.
YarrowRepels aphids.
FennelAttracts beneficial insects.
PeasLoosen the soil.
BuckwheatPreserves calcium in the soil.
CornProvide shade for your mustard greens.
BeetsPreserve iron in the soil.
RosemaryAttracts beneficial insects.
ThymeCan improve the flavor of mustard greens.
OnionsKeep away pests.
CucumbersLoosen the soil.
CeleryKeeps away bugs.

Bad Mustard Greens Companion Plants

Companion PlantWhy is it bad?
BeansAttract diseases like downy mildew and mosaic virus.
SunflowersAttract diseases like downy mildew and mosaic virus.
StrawberriesAttract fleas and aphids.
AmaranthMay pass along white rust.
SoybeansAttract aphids.
PennycressAttract diseases like downy mildew.
Shepherd’s purseTakes away nutrients from the soil.

Best & Worst Mustard Greens Companion Plants – Summary

Best Companion PlantsWorst Companion Plants
RosemaryShepherd’s purse

What should you plant with Mustard Greens?

Good companion plants for mustard are onions, cucumbers, celery, thyme, rosemary, fennel, corn, buckwheat, mint, tansy, yarrow, beets and peas.

On the other hand, you should not plant beans, strawberries, soybeans, sunflowers, amaranth, pennycress or shepherd’s purse with your mustard greens.

Now that you got all the information regarding the optimal companion plants, make sure to also check out how to grow mustard greens from seed to harvest.

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