Good & Bad Lettuce Companion Plants

You want to grow lettuce at home but are not entirely sure what plants to grow with lettuce?

Great! Stick with me since I will show you the best lettuce companion plants in the following article.

Why do I need Companion Plants to grow Lettuce?

While you could grow lettuce without other plants near them, it is not that advisable since the right companion plants can have great positive effects on the overall growth behavior of your lettuce.

For instance, good companion plants can serve as ground cover, improve soil conditions, attract pollinators, provide shade and can keep away pests.

As you can see, good companion plants can really make a positive difference for your lettuce growth project.

However, there are also bad companion plants which you should never plant near lettuce.

Hence, make sure to check out the following tables to find the best companion plants for lettuce and to avoid the ones that could do more harm than good.

Good Lettuce Companion Plants

Companion PlantWhy is it good?
CucumbersProvide shade to your lettuce.
OnionsDeter pests.
BeansProvide shade.
StrawberriesEnhance the flavor of your lettuce.
CarrotsLoosen the soil.
CornProvides shade.
BeetsLoosen the soil.
RadishLoosens the soil.
EggplantsImprove soil conditions.
AsparagusSource of shade and loosens the soil.
CalendulaAttract slugs away from lettuce.
NasturtiumsKeep away aphids from your lettuce.
ChervilKeeps away slugs.
CilantroKeeps away pests.
ChivesDeters aphids.
PotatoesLoosen the soil and more efficient space use.
TurnipsRepel aphids.
TomatoesProvide shade

Bad Lettuce Companion Plants

Companion PlantWhy is it bad?
SunflowersCan prevent seed germination of lettuce.
CabbagePrevent seed germination.
KaleFeed on similar nutrients.
CauliflowerFeed on similar nutrients.
FennelCan inhibit the growth of your lettuce.
BroccoliPrevent seed germination.
KohlrabiPrevent seed germination.
Brussels SproutsPrevent seed germination.

Best & Worst Lettuce Companion Plants – Summary

Best Companion PlantsWorst Companion Plants
TomatoesBrussels Sprouts

What should you plant with Lettuce?

Good companion plants for lettuce are onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, beans, eggplants, strawberries, radish, calendula, nasturtiums, beets, corn, asparagus, potatoes, chervil, chives, turnips and cilantro.

You should not plant lettuce with cabbage, broccoli, kale, sunflowers, fennel, cauliflower, brussels sprouts or kohlrabis.

If you want to get more information on how to grow lettuce, make sure to check out my grower’s guide on how to grow lettuce from seed to harvest step-by-step.

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