Good & Bad Collard Green Companion Plants

You think about growing collard greens at home but don’t know what are the best plants to grow next to your collard greens?

Great! In this case, this article will be exactly for you since I will show you the best and worst companion plants for collard greens in this article.

Why do I need Companion Plants for Growing Collard Greens?

Companion plants are important since they help to keep away diseases and pests from your collard greens.

They also loosen the soil, keep it moist and attract pollinators and other useful insects.

Consequently, companion plants can improve the overall growth behavior as well as the yield of your collard green plants.

While there are many helpful companion plants for collard greens, you should also avoid growing some plant species next to your collard greens since they can do more harm than good.

You should therefore check out the best and worst collard green companion plants in the following chapters.

Good Collard Greens Companion Plants

Companion PlantWhy is it good?
MugwortKeep away cabbage moths.
HyssopDeter cabbage moths.
ThymeKeep away cabbage moths.
MintImproves soil conditions and the flavor of collard greens.
OnionsImprove soil conditions.
PotatoesLoosen the soil.
DillLowers the population of cabbage worms by attracting wasps.
GarlicKeeps away various pests.
ChamomileCan improve growth behavior of collard greens.
SouthernwoodCan improve growth behavior of collard greens.
CatnipImproves the flavor of your collard greens.
RosemaryKeeps away moths.
OreganoImproves soil conditions.
MarjoramImproves soil conditions.

Bad Collard Greens Companion Plants

Companion PlantWhy is it bad?
CabbageTake away nutrients from the soil.
BroccoliConsumes similar nutrients as collard greens.
KaleTakes away nutrients from the soil.
CauliflowerConsumes similar nutrients as collard greens.
StrawberriesAttract aphids.
KohlrabiConsumes similar nutrients as collard greens.
TomatoesAttract aphids.
LeeksConsumes similar nutrients as collard greens.
MelonsTake away too much sunlight from your collard greens.

Best & Worst Collard Greens Companion Plants – Summary

Best Companion PlantsWorst Companion Plants

What should you plant with Collard Greens?

Good companion plants for collard greens are mugwort, thyme, rosemary, oregano, marjoram, mint, catnip, southernwood, chamomile, garlic, potatoes, onions, hyssop and dill.

In contrast, you should avoid planting cabbage, kale, broccoli, cauliflowers, tomatoes, strawberries, leeks, kohlrabi or melons next to your collard greens.

I hope this article has been helpful to you and that you now know what to grow along with your collard greens and what you should only grow with a little bit of distance.

If you want to learn more about growing collard greens in general, also make sure to have a look at how to grow collard greens from seed to harvest.

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